Super Mario Run – Hacking for game domination!

Mario is the most famous plumber in the video game world. Since Nintendo enlightened it in that adventure in which its mission was to save the princess Peach of the evil Bowser has become everything an icon of the videojuegos. This classic has been exclusive patrimony of consoles like the NES, the Super NES or the Game Boy, but also you can play it in PC thanks to Super Mario Bros 3.


The mythical Super Mario also for Windows
In this version, little or nothing changes with respect to the one that triumphed in videoconsolas more than a quarter of a century ago: platforms, enemies to jump on, tunnels that lead you to other scenarios, your inseparable companion Luigi …

What can we expect from Super Mario Run for the Android and iOS market?
Well, precisely what we already know:

  • Platforms on which to jump and move.
  • Dangerous enemies that are there as if nothing but you will have to avoid or eliminate.
  • The eight available worlds of the original game.
  • Powers to throw fireballs, fly, hide or throw hammers.
  • Level Editor to create your own screens.
  • Easy installation, no hasslesuper-mario-run-gameplay

One of the things you will most appreciate about this game is how simple it is to play. Keep in mind that other options to play with Mario on a computer go through installing emulators whose configuration sometimes is not usually easy and for downloading files that can then work … or not. In this case we are dealing with a simple development for the user that is reduced to install and run the game.

While rumors say that the game will be free to play and download, we also have uncovered that the free part will be a sort of demo. Why? because unless you pay for it, you can only continue playing the game until you pay for the full amount. We do see a couple of sites that we have not tested yet though, that claim they have unlocked the game and even gives out coins so you can enhance your gaming experience more. But anyway, that we will soon find out and probably write a review story on it in the days to come. But if you wanna try it yourself, you can always visit and try it yourself and maybe you can write the story for us?


Whatever the scenario is, one this is for sure. This is definitely a great comeback for nintedo games. Everything started smooth with the pokemon go game but unfortunately, the developers lost track of what was happening and failed to offer more intriguing gameplays to keep players more interested. I don’t know if that game is still alive but I myself have stopped playing it. Why? There’s just nothing more to play with.

With the new Super Mario Run, we gamers are very excited and hope that the developers have learned a lesson from the previous release. True, they may have earn a huge payout with the pokemon but they could have earned more if they just did their homework. Hopefully super mario run would fall to the same tragedy.

FIFA 17 Review and Some Tricks to Share


FIFA 17 embraces the story mode and the Frostbite to continue dominating the virtual soccer with a game that evolves in several fronts to its previous delivery. Will he manage to maintain the throne of virtual soccer king?

FIFA returns to the charge. The great match of virtual soccer is always disputed with the two most recognized football sagas (currently unique), and as usual, the EA delivery comes later to present its candidacy to the king of virtual soccer. And although he likes and much to enter comparisons, the fact is that the first to look at this FIFA 17 is his predecessor, last year’s delivery. And that’s where we see that the title of EA Sports takes steps to the interesting front, polishes some mechanics but also leaves by the way certain hits that had shone with own light in the proposal of twelve months ago. FIFA, in any case, remains FIFA.


EA’s football saga has come a long way to get the throne of the genre that now seems to be no longer clear. At least as to give it to a game with absolute character and without going into detail of the attractions of one and another proposal. After a breakthrough in the mid-nineties and a fun modern step into football with FIFA 98, and perhaps 99, the saga began to have problems to plausibly recreate what many were looking for: simulation. Look like real football. If the battle with the legendary ISS was already somewhat lost, the thing was to but before Pro Evolution, total dominator of the generation Playstation 2.

But EA started to do things well, took a major turn in 2008 and in 2009 he pointed higher. Since then the saga has dominated with more or less success with a playable formula that finally honored the overwhelming amount of licenses and contents of the franchise. After two deliveries with certain setbacks, FIFA 16 was able to resist and gain solidity in the present generation. And 17, go ahead, no lurching (those centers in the 14, these unstoppable attackers in the one against one of the 15) but do not stay still.

We are Alex Hunter

The story mode that so fashionable seems to be putting itself in the sports genre is the main claim of this new delivery in what new content is concerned. The title puts us in the shoes of Alex Hunter, a young man who wants to succeed in the world of football and for it will have his family, friends and agent to try to make a dent in the Premier League. On the paper has a great attraction, since we will grow as a player based on training, taking advantage of the minutes given by the player in each game and forging, also, a character facing the public with a personality that we can go molding to measure That the weeks pass


Without going into details about the plot to avoid spoilers, we can say that the game has cinematic with unexpected script turns, knows how to connect what happens in the field and in the club with the personal life of a young player like Hunter and presents a Good variety of characters that are parading before us, including stars of the Premier. But the truth is that it leaves a sense of being a wasted proposal: we will notice that our role in the field or in the training does not have the relevance that should, and that in the end what has to happen, happens without more. Neither does it convey that our attitude toward media and peers (with responses to the Mass Effect profile) has a real impact.

The format has great moments, makes you connect with Hunter and the pressure to enter ten minutes from the end to overcome a match and end up getting it is really satisfying, but could have explored many more variants and paths that would bring you really freshness and not that Feeling of “going hand in hand”. At a playable level, the proposal closely resembles the concept of I Am Legend, being able to control the whole team or only to Hunter when he is inside the field.

Two of the obvious improvements are the normal passing system and the offensive moves without a ball. Starting with the first one, in FIFA 16 the normal passes and their usefulness were loaded, causing that if we wanted to make passes to the precise foot we needed to use the then novel strong pass. Many simple deliveries a few yards away resulted in robbery and counteraction for the players’ desperation, and this has been rebalanced. If a defender is facing his goal in the area and wants to clear with the pass to the other goal, he will continue to leave her dead or at the foot of a rival in the front. If we make a half-way pass that is not strong or pointed in any way, it will not come. But in more frequent passes – this was the complaint of the average user – it returns to be useful, although the strong pass is still ideal in a great majority of cases.


The other great improvement, which is also a playable setback, is that of AI in attack positions. It was promoted on the part of the developers to hype and saucer, and the truth is that its virtues are evident. In previous installments we missed more choral moves of the attackers, not only the player unmarked that we indicated with L1 / LB or the striker forward. Here it happens, and it is a joy. We will see as if we go down with the forward to receive an inside look for the diagonal, as the ends are unmarked, brake and change their clear if they fall out of play. As, in short, triangulations can be done in a much more fluid way. Moves without balloon much more intelligent and effective second line that have more presence in the area.

And here comes collateral damage: defense. Let no one be scared because we are not before defenders who react late and turn with crane as in FIFA 15, but it is true that the tools that provide the attacker are many, that pass to the gap filtered between defenders is more deadly than ever (diagonal Between center and lateral, pass to the hollow crossed and hold safe) and that the players of band manage to find the backs of the defenders with much more facility. The pass to the gap, in fact, has variants with effect that also multiply their effectiveness. One of the developers admitted in the presentation of the game in Madrid that they noticed that the defenses were imposed to the attacks in the 16, something not habitual in the saga. There is your answer. Satisfactory to attack, but more suffered to defend.

One of the innovations of FIFA 17 is the improvement in the coverage of the ball, something that we already had but that now allows to make much more interesting plays. To put the body and to hold the ball although we defend ourselves and look for a face pass or to the sides offers many solutions not only in the corners, but in any part of the field. At this point, improving the accuracy of normal passes makes it not something that is anecdotal. Players like Ibrahimovic, who hold the ball almost unintentionally, take great advantage of this, especially because the above-mentioned AI offensive allows articulating impossible plays in previous installments with the keeper of the ball back to the goal.

Shots, goalkeepers, balls

The game has new variants and a different touch in the great variety of shots and shots at our disposal. It is not just the head shot (which throws the ball to the ground and the goalkeeper has more difficulty to stop), but also of how the player has more header abilities both head and volley. In FIFA 16 it was difficult to see players throwing themselves at the Cruyff to a ball that did not arrive, and here that happens more easily. The diversity of shots (volleys, with the interior, Chilean, finals in the plate) is more adjusted every moment and success depends on the timing of our actions than the auction itself. Within the area we will also see some new forced shots, by the way. At this point, the interesting thing is to know what happens with the shots from outside the area, cross shots and quality chuts.

It was debated in these months by the number of goals – some implausible – that were obtained outside the area with powerful shots, and this continues having some importance in FIFA 17. While the strong chuts in good legs continue being deadly but no longer find With so much the squad rival, the quality shot seems to remember to FIFA 10 with a great percentage of success both inside and outside the area. As much in race as if we are nailed in the grass. By contrast, the famous cross-chuts to the long pole are no longer as effective. New answers that will be missing, as always, their tendency as the months go by, but they make it clear that they remain powerful tools.


Before this set of shots (even rabonas with the shot with class L2 + shot) we have the porters, who have remained a step below what we saw a year ago. They have won in animations, they have new stops and intelligent movements that are appreciated (like going out for a ball that goes bottom line and not letting it pass), but in general they are somewhat less sure: they leave dead too many shots, some of them without Sense, put the foot in place of the hands in certain chuts that should not – like those who go to the first club – and we see lots of second and third options because of this. Stop, stop. And enough. But sometimes they react in a way that they should not and they provoke situations that end in despairing goals, in the same way that they continue to have fist punches in corners and balls hanging with debatable decision.

The physics of the ball, somewhat heavier, reacts well in almost all the plays we see, with some more freedom in the high speed pipes where it can be lost more easily. It is true that it is something that is especially noticeable in the early hours, and that as always happens at the end we know how to control it, but in general its reaction is realistic in most party situations, including air travel that sometimes does not They had just adjusted to what we might call plausible. His departure farewell in goalkeeper’s punches, sticks or clashes convinces without fissure in his recreation.

Is FIFA 16 better or not playable? It is an evolution. If you liked the previous game there is no reason not to do this, with its game rhythm, its better accuracy in passes and greater fluidity in attack movements, with one advantageous one against one for the attacker (dribbles with R3 that already We know) but that keeps tics as the effectiveness outside the area and leaves us some less safe porters than in the past. If you did not like 16, your greater control of the normal passes and the facilities to find holes in attack may improve the experience you had. At the defensive level the changes are minimal, with a new aggressive entry by pressing twice the corresponding button and the same tactical defense system that so many allies and detractors have, but that allows controlling the movements of our partners and calculate our entry at the right time With some practice.

The slalom

One of the attractions of FIFA 17 is standing still. It has completely changed the format of penalties, corners and direct free throws. The penalties are complicated indicating the start and having to control much more than before the height and power to which we want the ball to go. But the most satisfactory is on the other two fronts. In the corner serves we can mark where we want the ball to go, either with a center with effect or marking the desired power. To this is added the possibility to select the possible finisher, place it wherever we want, then mark where to send the ball and make the move to arrive just in time. Although it seems excessively mathematical, the truth is that the defenses, what it takes to aim accurately and give just strength and mark the perfect movement of the forward make it a system with potential.

Fouls keep the cast of options known to shoot directly, give effect to the ball, give it power with a dry shot or use up to two extra players to make slate plays, shoot indirect fouls or seek to surprise with an individual career. To this is added the change of position of the launcher. We can move it around the ball as we want (even to kick the outside), something that allows you to look for shots with effect, the classic powerful shots and so on. We no longer have to choose between a Ronaldo who shoots more dry or a Bale to place, but we can shape his position. We also win options in the throw, more friendly and that allows to move something the player from the line.

In what formations and tactical tendencies is concerned, nothing that is not known. Pre-defined formations, to be able to move some players and again the possibility of choosing the type of game that we want to perform (kickback, more possession, more or less combined lines, greater tendency to go to the finish or wait second play …) and individual guidelines if we want That a side up or not, if a DCM must hold the position or go to the cut or if we want a traditional end or looking for diagonals, among other things.

One of the objects of classic criticism in the saga is the AI of the CPU when we play solo, and unfortunately we are stalled seriously at this point. Rivals playing clonically, once we advance to World Class and Legend simply touches have a lot of patience because they have style shoes in which possession is everything, they spin, they never lose the ball and you end up bored as mere spectator, where there are You repeat certain mechanics to get a goal and where, simply, you do not have fun. It can not be that being the Barça, a Betis wants to play without failing even once as if it were Bayern. There are no changes in style with more closed sets that go against, others that take advantage of the bands or those who rely on a forward reference to hold the ball or make second plays.

This, the pressure that they undergo in the opposite field and the sensation that the CPU tricks ahead anticipating to our movements makes that modalities like certain offline competitions of Ultimate Team lose some of its charm. Naturally we have the sliders as saviors, being able to edit the behavior of the CPU to make it more human, but with this it does not arrive to create ways of playing that really differ between a top team and sets that fight, in theory, to avoid the decline.

Off the pitch

The number of teams, licenses and modes in FIFA 17 is still a winning horse for many players, and has its logic. At the level of teams, the Santander League stands out in exclusive with all the first and second division teams, with some absence such as the Camp Nou that is exclusively for PES but does not affect Barça (official elasticity, recreation of players brand of The house and even Messi with platinum hair). FIFA loses the Serie A franchise, but not the one of its teams that are present, and maintains the leagues we already knew with the inclusion of the Japanese League. Unfortunately, this does not translate into more selections such as the Japanese. It continues betting for the feminine soccer with its own tournament and more selections. Check here the more than thirty leagues available.

The title of EA maintains a great amount of modalities that do not stand out by surprise – except the Way – but by trying to evolve beyond the formula that we already know. For the offline player is maintained as the main claim journey mode, where we can enjoy as a manager of a club or as a player who must improve and progress within a team. In the first case, the base is still the one we already knew: management of staff with renovations, signings and search for new talents with scouts, training of players of the branch, being able to be national coach, etc. Among the novelties, some objectives to be fulfilled in order to keep the directive in the medium term and where we must concentrate efforts, a more demanding financial system to avoid entering into red numbers.

One of the advantages of the race mode is that the large number of licenses available makes it possible to rotate in many leagues (Brazilian and Japanese as novelties), to set the mode in different ways (start from the base with an English third, go directly to A TOP team at European level …), although it is true that some new developments are probably missing for a modality that has been quite complete for almost all fronts for years.

In addition to this, there are plenty of options to play solitary tournaments (leagues, cups), customize the experience with tailor-made competitions, friendly matches – with Match Day present and updated after each football day – as well as several skill tests that Have grown in number and many of them present new mechanics that are present in the game.

The King Online

FIFA 17 is the game to take into account for online modes. There’s no doubt. It has a seasoned competition system that was released a few years ago and has proven to be a success as you try to climb divisions and win the weekends. What we have been able to test has a correct netcode performance with no fissure in games with European players. Playing with friends is again designed in the same way, as mini seasons between us where we add points for victory and tie. Unfortunately, it seems that definitely in this generation of consoles we have been left without the vestibules that so many options gave (to play with edited equipment, something that allowed, for example, to play with templates of selections designed as we please).

The great revolution comes to Pro Clubs. The way in which with friends we can create a team and play each one in a position while we have two objectives: on the one hand, win parties and raise divisions through the season system and on the other, improve Our player to have better performances on the pitch. At this point has changed the way to empower our player. Before we had to complete a series of goals to get better points (play X games, end more than half of life, dial from outside the area, haggle against rivals). Each goal complied with a stat. The end result was that most attackers were created as MCO to have a great speed and the rest of abilities already profiled later. Now it is no longer the case.

The Ultimate Team

There is no doubt that a large chunk of players has FIFA to play Ultimate Team. It is only necessary to see the triumph of the modality in channels like Youtube to realize the phenomenon of this creator of dream teams. Although I found some really crazy tricks from that lets you have all the fifa coins you need to purchase those top players. But I will talk about that in another post. The base remains the same as ever, with the aim of opening envelopes to get new players, create templates that have chemistry between them, win more coins from offline and online tournaments, to get more envelopes, with better players … and so on. non-stop. FUT shines through the number of licensed players, throughout the consumables system and the need to find team members that connect with each other. And also because it is an experience that fits all types of players. In addition to the classic modes returns FUT Draft, which invites you to play four-game series with TOP players in exchange for rewards if you overcome the challenge.

Although what is the basis of the game is not a novelty as the draft that came last year, yes there are two that complement the offer. On the one hand the template challenges, which invite us – also from mobile app – to complete a specific type of equipment (players of a league, a nationality, etc.) to get rewards that then apply to the whole game. The other mode is the Ultimate Team Champions that will be released in October and allows players to compete in tournaments to make the leap to the Championship Series, with prizes of more than one million dollars for the best.

Frostbite ahead

The visual show of the new EA installment comes with Frostbite, the EA DICE engine for the Battlefields that is now expanding to many other company juices. The truth is that the improvements are evident from the start and in almost every sense: the feeling that conveys a FIFA match is realism thanks to better modeling, T-shirts and its much more real movement, the aforementioned physics of the ball and Above all what goes with it: the recreation of the stadiums, the grass that wears on our path, the impressive soccer field that comes to us when a torrent of water falls, repetitions, the real trainers interacting … The title has given a Step forward in all those details that make the overall finish, photography, have a very solid packaging. And also the ambiance, get inside a game.

The title has also won in some animations, such as those generated when we defend a ball, the aforementioned goalkeepers and some more shots, all well threaded and without strange elements except some other career clash in which players react In an unrealistic way. What does not convince is the size of some players who are not really proportioned to each other or to what they are in real life. In any case, the Frostbite is probably – although it can still be polished – the engine that needed the game to feel Next Gen based on small details that make up a great set.

At the sound level, the soundtrack to accompany menus is again high, with several recognized artists, others beginning and others that will be recognized soon, and a good handful of genres for all tastes (pop, folk, rock, hip hop, electronics…). There is always some song that becomes the favorite of each user, and this year is no less.

So, what do you think?

FIFA 17 evolves part of the virtues that we saw in the previous delivery and changes, not with certain accuracy, other mechanics. The title features new offensive moves grateful to the attacker, more accurate normal passes, and an impressive set of tools to recreate any game situation. But along the way the title also show more marked imbalances between attack and defense – fruit of the best offensive IA – and goalkeepers have lost solidity, improveable in various game situations. A title, in short, that wins and is enjoyed in attack, but that suffers more from the account in defense.

The EA game, in any case, is unbeatable for the online player. The best modes are on their side, and come back with new features. The most change is Pro Clubs with a new player improvement system and a team editor, which adds complementary additions to the indomitable Ultimate Team that maintains its great attractions, including FUT Draft. There is no shortage of co-operative seasons and individual seasons, with a solid netcode and a plethora of licenses with more than 30 leagues, including several women’s selections. The local player, for his part, will have more doubts. The AI of the CPU remains unreal and unfair, with no differences of style between teams that in real life do not seem at all. And that, playing with this type of rival, ends up making an impression although the Legend modes are as complete as expected. One of the novelties, starts strong, but ends up leaving the feeling that it has not exploited the potential it really could offer. Overwhelming in modes and licenses, dominant in what online game is concerned, an improved visual finish thanks to the Frostbite and a solid gameplay, full of options that, yes, does not escape certain shadows in the overall count.

Sims Freeplay – Cheat to get more Money

sims-freeplayIn this opportunity we will explain a simple trick for the Sims FreePlay through which you will know a free method of how to get Simoleones, LP and experience points quickly and easily, without having to perform anything more than a few steps from your cell.

Getting Simoleons inside the Sims is fundamental to the progress within the game, since with them we can acquire important elements to overcome goals, such as the case of the baby’s cradle, an engagement ring or any other good as in the real life. Also, who wants to wait so many hours to finish building a building?

Next you will discover how to get free Simoleones that will serve you in The Sims FreePlay in their versions for Android or iOS (iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad). Update: Possibly these tricks have stopped working since the beginning of 2015, but fortunately there are other tricks to get money / silver in The Sims, anyway we recommend trying, sometimes they work.

sims-freeplay-tricks1. Create a Sim inside the game

In order to win Simoleones for free, first open The Sims FreePlay from your cell phone and create a new character or “Sim” inside the game. Without doing anything else, proceed to close the application immediately.

2. Open the multitask menu to close the application

Now you must open the Multitasking menu of your mobile phone in order to close the process of the game. On some phones, this is achieved by pressing the home button twice. Other Android phones like Samsung have an exclusive button for background processes. In the case of iPhone, simply press the start button twice to access the multitasking menu.

3. Close the Sims app

Once you are in the multitasking menu, proceed to close the application permanently. This is achieved by pressing the “X” button next to the name of the game, or in other devices is also achieved by making a gesture of drag on the miniature window of the game. Do not worry, this will not eliminate the game from your cell phone, you should still enjoy the many Simoleones you will get!

4. Turn on airplane mode

Go to “Settings” and activate the airplane mode. This must be done so that the game does not communicate with the servers of EA Games and transmit in real time how many Simoleons you have at that moment. An alternative to this step is to disable all types of internet connection from your cell phone.

5. Change the date of your cell phone

Go to the configuration and take care of changing the date (if the automatic configuration is activated, you must deactivate it). It is advisable that the new date varies only in the months and not the year, however, there are people who proceed to change the date to 1970 inclusive.


6. Re-enter the game

Back to the game log in to Sims Freeplay.

7. Error message

If you did everything right, the game will show you an error and tell you that it can not connect, this is because the phone is still in plane mode. Do not press the retry button, simply close the game and go to the next step.

8. Reset date

Returns to the configuration and resets the date of your phone to the current date, or in any case activates the automatic date.

9. Disable airplane mode

In order for the game to be able to reconnect, you must deactivate the airplane mode again or any other limitation that you have put in the internet connection, this way you will get the accreditation of the free Simoleones that you want to get.

10. Join The Sims Freeplay

Re-enter the game of The Sims Freeplay and in moments you will see how the Simoleons and the XP points grow. This way you have managed to get some notes of the official currency of The Sims.

With this method you can get even 5,000 Simoleones (remember that there are no tricks to win free and infinite simoleons), ideal to buy whatever you want within the game. The only thing left to point out about this trick is that we can do it several times and just follow the same steps in each case. We emphasize the importance that, in step 5, the new date differs from the true date only for the month.

This style of trick almost always works on most platforms, but in this case works well in the versions of Android, iOS (iPhone and iPad) and Windows Phone. If you think that the simoleons you get from this trick is not enough, you can always opt for an online generator. There are many that can be found but the trusted site that I keep revisiting is I always get the needed simoleons and LP that I need and most of the time I get even more. Best of all, it is all free so be sure to give that site a visit.